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My 27th B-ART-hday Celebration (27 Things #1)

Birthdays are a big deal in my world, especially if it’s mine. Heh. I’ve been stressing for months on how to celebrate my birthday. My goal? To be happy. And that’s quite a tough one to pull off with everything that’s been happening and has happened in the past months. I’ve thought of taking a […]

All Dogs Go To Heaven—And My Best Bud Just Did

***UPDATE: Wow, did I forget to upload this. This one’s written last April 10.*** ***I haven’t written anything personal for the longest time, and I just felt that I had to this one time. This is to serve both as a catharsis for myself and in honor of my best pal, who went to heaven just […]

Just One

Disclaimer: Yes, this piece is based from my personal experience. No, this is not some sort of literary offering to a specific person. It’s just that I really get inspired from my own personal experiences more than anything else. Another thing that inspires me are the experiences from the books I’ve read, which explains why I […]

Wanderland Festival 2013 Photodump

So I attended my first ever music festival last May 18! Thank heavens that some production group finally came up with this idea and chose some of the best bands to perform in one day as well. This is seriously one of the best concerts I’ve attended and the fact that I got to experience […]

Project Book Blogging 2013

So just when I thought my blog was already dead, a light bulb suddenly lit in my head! I honestly don’t have anything monumental nor exciting going on in my life right now that’s worth explaining (or blogging) since my life right now basically revolves around reading books and doing some work. And since I’m almost close […]

Seoul-Searching 2012 Photodump

So I just got home after spending a good 11 days and 12 nights in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve always wanted to go back ever since our trip there last October 2010. All the waiting was well worth it because this trip was just beyond amazing. And even though I almost froze to death at […]

Birthday Wanderrgirl + How To Look Like A Witch In 5 Mins.

I’m going to keep this post short, pinky promise. Let me start this post by saying that even though I have over a thousand Facebook friends (wowowowow… nat), those I consider as my bestest best friends can be counted with just one hand. And I would go to great lengths for my bestest best friends […]

Turning Page a.k.a. The Time When I Got My Heart Broken

I have long debated with myself whether or not I’ll still write about that certain pivotal moment in my life when I got my heart broken. I say “I got my heart broken” because in a way, I did see it coming but of course I denied to myself that it was actually going to […]

Of Out-of-Body Experiences & Snapping Back to Reality

Having an out-of-body experience is not exactly a new thing, but somehow, I am finding myself having more and more of these experiences recently and I’m starting to find it hard to snap back to reality as soon as possible. It probably didn’t help that I was reading a book by Haruki Murakami, ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’. […]

February Fotodump

The second month of the year has already passed and I just really have to give praises to this year for yet another awesome and blessings-filled month. I swear, each day of this year just keeps on getting better and better (or best-er and best-er?), and I couldn’t be more thankful—always, all ways. In an […]