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I’m Sorry (In A Sea of Gray #15)

I’m sorry for how everything turned out, For failing to truly understand even when I said I did, For failing to recognize what you really need. I’m sorry for allowing myself to drown in the fantasy, So much so that I’ve relentlessly attached and depended on you, Even though there was more left to realize […]

Her (In A Sea of Gray #14)

I dream of becoming her. Her with her pale skin, slender figure. Her with her dark hair, dark eyes, and soft fingers—just like how you want her to be. So when someone asks you, “Who’s your dream girl?” You’ll answer, “It’s her.” I still think of how it was to be her. How you always […]

Loss and Lesson (In A Sea of Gray #13)

It’s 3:10 pm on a Saturday and I’m so damn miserable, Some days you wake up knowing just how bad it’s going to be, That no matter how hard you fight it, Downtrodden and sad and lonely are all you’re ever going to feel. I’m not saying that it’s like this every day, But weekends […]

The Poet & The Muse (In A Sea of Gray #12)

I’m not a poet, these are not poems, What I am is a woman who feels too much, And who felt it all for you. I’m not a poet, but you are a muse, You are the inspiration, the sole motivation, For all the emotions behind my words put to use.

Somnolent Skin & Bruised Mouth (In A Sea of Gray #11)

I see you, you know, I know how much you have fallen, even though you’ve fought so hard, I understand how much your soul have grown weary, More tiresome and exhausted, even grown older than the body it inhabits. Lay back and just breathe, Let me caress your somnolent skin and your bruised mouth, The […]

Firsts and Lasts (In A Sea of Gray #10)

Let’s just let go of all our firsts, Those sharp edges that we left on the road behind us, Let’s never look back and step on the thorns that pave the way to our past. Let’s just let go of all our firsts, It’s time to put them all to rest and let the wind […]

Swimming in You (In A Sea of Gray #9)

Whenever I feel myself approaching a breaking point, Or on days that just push me to the brink of despair, I immediately make my way to the pool, Desperate to just keep swimming and zone out, Until such time my body tires out and my mind spaces out. But somehow I feel like I’ve only […]

My Purgatory (In A Sea of Gray #8)

When you’re somewhere in the middle of the heaven of having loved someone, And the hell of losing and missing that same person, Everything becomes so damn amplified as you find yourself stuck in this certain purgatory. The mundane becomes even more noticeable, The routine turns into a magnanimous event, The boring never looked this […]

Problem With Almosts (In A Sea of Gray #7)

The problem with almosts Is that at the end of the day You still give your all So even with an almost lover An almost forever There’s nothing almost About the pain in the aftermath It is encompassing It is excruciating And the worst part of it all Is the pain that comes In thinking […]

Memories of Her Brilliance (In A Sea of Gray #6)

Shouldn’t you have warned me? That falling in love with you Meant cementing my heart to yours Without my own volition, as if I didn’t have a choice And now you wonder how come As you fight to move forward, I still haven’t run How could you not see That no matter how far you […]