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Loving You (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #12)

Loving you brought about bouts of madness to my day There were days I’d wake up with utmost glee And nights I’ve spent in sweet despair You were the earthquake That shook the path I walked on You were the hurricane That tore through all my defenses And somewhere between The euphoric highs of our […]

As I Lay (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #11)

As I lay on my bed tonight I wish with all my might That you’ll fall back into my love And never waiver nor doubt That my heart has been cemented to yours Something I couldn’t fight nor find my way out from

Layers (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #10)

Covered myself up in layers Yet the harshest cold still permeates through But nothing feels as cold As the gripping fear that imprisons me While I watch you lose to the demons inside of you Helpless as an outside spectator But I feel your loss the worst, As you are the better part of me.

A War Inside Of Me (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #9)

There’s a war going on inside of me Sometimes when I miss you, I don’t know whether to give into the anxiety Or be thankful for what you’re giving me. It’s an ongoing battle each and every day When I feel you slipping far and away Whether to hold on to you more dearly Or […]

Come Around (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #8)

I wish I never met you But that’s like saying I don’t want to wake up I wish I never loved you But that’s like saying I don’t want to breathe Your ghost doesn’t just linger in everything I see It’s the very thing that inhabits me Unearthing, unraveling me from my very core Keeping […]

Friction (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #7)

Wayward, wandering, withering

The way you found me

Seeing Things Eye to Eye (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #6)

“You know when he and I met, I had such a hard time looking him in the eyes.”

Lost In Love (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #5)

A certain calm envelopes

It’s not about you anymore

Your happiness isn’t your own

But for his to cherish and ruin

Fallen (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #4)

You once said you were undeserving

Of my light and my love

My Person (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #2)

“What it’s like to meet your person?”