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Major Swoon-Fest: Prince Alex D’Lynsal [Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase]

Slight DISCLAIMER: If you must know, most of my book boyfriends look like Ben Barnes and Max Irons. I just pretty much alternate between the two, depending on who resembles the character more. Yeah I know it’s kinda weird that way but I can’t seem to imagine any other guys because I’m really in-love with […]

Major Swoon-Fest: Aiden St. Delphi [Apollyon by J. Armentrout]

Aiden “pleasehavemybabies” St. Delphi. I don’t even know how to properly begin this major swoon-fest tribute to my number one book boyfriend of all time, because I don’t think I can ever give justice to just how perfect he has been in Jennifer Armentrout’s Covenant Series. When I first started reading Half-Blood, I really didn’t […]

Major Swoon-Fest: Jared Ryel [Providence Series by Jamie McGuire]

I swear, this series should be called ‘The Many Ways of How Jared Ryel Will Make Your Heart Melt’ series. If I remember correctly, Jamie McGuire’s ‘Providence’ series is my first ever encounter with an angel/demon-themed story and it did not disappoint—huge thanks to the perfect half-angel that is Jared Ryel. Just trust me when […]

Project Book Blogging 2013

So just when I thought my blog was already dead, a light bulb suddenly lit in my head! I honestly don’t have anything monumental nor exciting going on in my life right now that’s worth explaining¬†(or blogging)¬†since my life right now basically revolves around reading books and doing some work. And since I’m almost close […]

May the odds be ever in your favor!

I finished the Hunger Games trilogy in 4 days, real or not real? REAL! I basically became obsessed with the whole story ever since I randomly decided to buy the first book and I have to thank my friend Blu for insisting that it was a good read. Can’t believe how much I was drawn […]