About Me By Me


Hello! Here are some facts about me that are probably worth sharing:

I’m an extroverted introvert. If that makes any sense.

I’m a certified coffee addict. I’ll die (well okay not really but I’m sure to have a nasty headache) if I don’t get my daily fix of coffee.

I used to read books everyday on my Kindle Paperwhite. I had to switch to ebooks to save space on my book shelf and well to save money also. During 2013, I was able to read more than 250 books. But currently, I’m on a reading hiatus. I think I want to focus more on writing this time around.

I enjoy travelling though unfortunately, I don’t get to do that frequently. I do have to work hard for my travel money you know, soooo. –>Oh, but hey! I just got back from a long stay in the US, so I might write something about that.

I can’t cook that well. I can try and you can try eating it, but please be warned.

It’s not really that hard to make me laugh or happy. Give me something free and you’re sure to make my day already. (And apparently, I’m fan of rhymes. Hee hee)

I live inside my head most of the time. You really don’t want to know all the random stuff that runs through my mind each minute. Those things are really random, awkward, and mostly too weird for me to share.

I’m a frustrated artist (as in when it comes to painting, illustrations, etc.), singer, writer… but I’d like to think I’m good at dancing.

I’m really clumsy with myself (e.g. hitting my head on things, tripping while walking, etc.) and with things (e.g. having things slip from my hands, etc.), which contributes to me making a fool out of myself especially to people I want to impress.

I’m sarcastic and sometimes I think it’s hard for people to get my jokes and supposedly witty comebacks. It’s sad, really.

*UPDATE: My blog used to feature a whole lot of book reviews but I took a hiatus from that. Hopefully, I’ll get back to reading–and reviewing–soon enough. But for now, I think I’ll take a risk by posting some of my original compositions such as poems, short stories, musings, and other whatnot.

Really hope you get my way of writing and thinking though 🙂 

P.S. I apologize in advance if you find anything here that’s offensive, grammatically incorrect, or if I basically just don’t make sense. To each his own, right? Yay.


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