I’m Sorry (In A Sea of Gray #15)


I’m sorry for how everything turned out,

For failing to truly understand even when I said I did,

For failing to recognize what you really need.

I’m sorry for allowing myself to drown in the fantasy,

So much so that I’ve relentlessly attached and depended on you,

Even though there was more left to realize in reality.

I’m sorry for not being patient and kind to your plight,

For my irrational whims meant to cause you pain and distress,

For not thinking my actions through and for hurting you with such might.

I’m sorry for not appreciating how much you truly loved and cared for me,

For simply giving into the fear of losing you, I tried hardest to cling on tighter,

Without ever coming to terms that it’s not in the way we held on, but in the way we made each other better.

One thing I may not be sorry for is loving you and giving you as much of myself as I have,

But I am sorry for giving into the greed and succumbing to the misery—

But most of all, I’m really sorry for becoming the very thing you feared I would be.


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