Her (In A Sea of Gray #14)


I dream of becoming her.

Her with her pale skin, slender figure. Her with her dark hair, dark eyes, and soft fingers—just like how you want her to be. So when someone asks you, “Who’s your dream girl?” You’ll answer, “It’s her.”

I still think of how it was to be her.

How you always fall victim to her quirky ways, putting that smile on your face so big it causes your eyes to sparkle and wrinkle on the sides. And regardless if you don’t get her joke or her odd comment, you still can’t help but stare and wonder in awe—because with her, you feel your heart waking up from its slumber, you feel your body igniting, and you feel your soul coming alive, all at once… with her.


How you find all the solace and comfort you could ever want enveloped in her arms and tangled in her legs. How her bright smile promises nothing but the promise of a better day and of an enduring love to see you through it all. How her presence simply means that even through your despair, someone will hold your hand ever so tight and make you believe how it would and could be all right. It’s her.

God, I wish I were still her.

The only her in your scope of vision. The only her who you unequivocally trusted to be your heart’s keeper.

Because with her, you could see your future and how beautiful the rest of your life could be. Even in your darkest moments, it would be her who would raise you back up and pull you into her light.


You just know that with her, you’ll be able to carry on through anything and everything life throws at you. It would be only her who would be able to understand you and endure through both the lightness and darkness of your being. It would be no one else but her to whom you will run to, come home to—the only one you’ll thrive with, dream with, and fall in love with… not just for now, but for every single day you’ll be with her in this lifetime.

And when someone asks you, “Who’s the one you want beside you when all your dreams come true?”

You’ll say…


I dream of becoming her.


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