Somnolent Skin & Bruised Mouth (In A Sea of Gray #11)


I see you, you know,

I know how much you have fallen, even though you’ve fought so hard,

I understand how much your soul have grown weary,

More tiresome and exhausted, even grown older than the body it inhabits.

Lay back and just breathe,

Let me caress your somnolent skin and your bruised mouth,

The very mouth you used to woo all the hearts that attracted you,

The very mouth that uttered the words of heartbreak and pain,

It wasn’t your fault, we both know it to be true,

You meant well, but you were just always itching for more,

Something beyond, that not one of them ever satisfied when they came knocking on your door.

Stop for a moment and just look up at me,

Let me clean you and rid you of the dirt and ash that came with the fire,

The fire that you’ve inevitable set with your strongest desires,

Never knowing why it was so easy for you to start a flame,

But never having the strength to really seeing it through as it burns for you.

Stay still and revel in the silent aftermath,

Let me kiss your head as you let go of all the guilt and burden,

Let me replenish the light that was emptied out of you,

Let me hold your face and engage your lost eyes,

As you slowly find yourself anchored once again.

Let me mirror your existence as you let go of another,

Showing you that even in blinding moments of grief and despair,

All it takes is for you to retreat back from all the chaos and mess,

And allow yourself to be reborn into someone new,

Someone so much better, and with that, you can finally rest.


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