Swimming in You (In A Sea of Gray #9)


Whenever I feel myself approaching a breaking point,

Or on days that just push me to the brink of despair,

I immediately make my way to the pool,

Desperate to just keep swimming and zone out,

Until such time my body tires out and my mind spaces out.

But somehow I feel like I’ve only found an alternative,

To how it felt when I swam in nothing but you.

At least this time around, I am more in control,

I never forget to come up for air,

I never lose my cadence,

And I can trudge on at my own pace,

On a straight line that never bends, never zig nor zags,

Just a quiet rhythm that’s never changing.

It’s so unlike you, how it was with you,

A series of extreme highs and lows,

That never fails to leave me breathless—at times, suffocated,

And we always went about your pace, sometimes felt more like a race,

Forever bending, forever changing, never stationary and stagnant,

It was probably something I didn’t need,

Although it surely was everything I ever did want.

Then again, drowning in you was unlike any other—

And I knew the moment I jumped in that you were someone worth the dive.


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