Loving You (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #12)


Loving you brought about bouts of madness to my day

There were days I’d wake up with utmost glee

And nights I’ve spent in sweet despair

You were the earthquake

That shook the path I walked on

You were the hurricane

That tore through all my defenses

And somewhere between

The euphoric highs of our love and laughter

The maddening pitfalls of our selfishness and inability to understand

I thought to myself…

This is what it feels like to finally live

To breathe in the joy and allow it to flow through my veins

To absorb the pain and let it slowly break my bones

Now I understand

This is why people started wars

Why people dared risk their lives

Why people become ready to surrender everything…

For love

For it is in loving that true existence begins

And dare I say, that I’ve never known living

Until you burned me with your touch

Marked my heart with your words

And captivated my very soul down to its core

So my love, I’ll take madness with you

Even if it’s the very thing that would ruin me

Or bring me to nirvana



  1. Love does that to people. Beautifully described! You should check out some of poetry, I feel we have similar views on this concept of love ☺

    1. Hey, I love your writing so much! 🙂 You’re right. We do have similar views. I’m gonna wait for more of your works 🙂

      1. And I’ll wait for more of your works ☺

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