A War Inside Of Me (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #9)


There’s a war going on inside of me

Sometimes when I miss you,

I don’t know whether to give into the anxiety

Or be thankful for what you’re giving me.

It’s an ongoing battle each and every day

When I feel you slipping far and away

Whether to hold on to you more dearly

Or to loosen my grip that was once held fiercely.

Two personas fight hard and rough

Who will I end up giving into though?

The Mary that puts your happiness first for always

Or the Mary with a thirst for retribution in many ways.

But all it ever comes down to as I lay alone at night

Is how you’ve inhabited my being and made it yours

And where do I stand within your life and light

The answer scares me and leaves me morose.

But the questions that this war inside beg for the most

Is how come I’ve always known about the others—

Was it just a game that I was meant to have lost

And will they ever know of my existence, how you love me, and how I came first?



  1. Beautifully put!

    1. Thank you 🙂

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