Seeing Things Eye to Eye (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #6)


“You know when he and I met, I had such a hard time looking him in the eyes.”

“Oh? Were you too conscious of how much you liked him?”

“Hmm, yeah, in a way. He thought I was being adorable because of the butterflies I have whenever he’s close, but it was more than that.”

“What was it about then?”

“He was so intense when we met and you can see it in his eyes. It’s like instead of seeing just how I looked on the outside as others do, he was going straight to the very core of my soul like no one ever has.”

“And what was so bad about that?”

“I was afraid of looking him straight in the eyes and revealing the hidden parts of me that he might not like… but I thought to myself, he’s my kindred spirit and what can be seen in our eyes is a reflection of each other’s souls anyway.”

“What happened when you finally let him see through you?”

“He left.”

“Just like that?”

“Funny thing, really. Because when I looked deep into his eyes, I saw my own fragility reflecting back at me. It comforted me and made me fall deeper in love with him. But when he saw his brokenness mirrored in my eyes, he decided it wasn’t… it’s not something that he wanted. It was a burden for him. He couldn’t see past that and discover just how pure and all encompassing my love for him was. He was stuck looking at the broken shards of my being that he didn’t see the light and the love pushing through the cracks, begging for him to understand… begging for him to stay.”



  1. I had the same,but she couldnt wait though she loved me more then me,
    I feel sorry for u,

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