My Person (Gentle Waves/Wild Hearts #2)


“What’s it like to meet your person?”

“It’s like finding solace in this crazy world knowing you’ve found a home in someone that goes beyond those that are related to you by blood. And that you can easily shed out your façade and be completely naked with them, and it wouldn’t matter because they’ll accept your flaws just as much as your beauty.”

“How did you know that that’s your person?”

“As odd and presumptuous as it may be, sometimes, you really just know. It may not be at first sight or even the first month or year that you’ve known them, but at some point, it will fall into place and you wouldn’t even remember what came before them or how you were before you met them. You’ll just realize that you’ve been changed by them. You’ve become softer just by having known them even when you’ve been so hardened by this world that can be cruel at times.”

“What’s the best thing about having your person in your life?”

“I guess I can liken it to the feeling of exhaustion after a hard day’s work and knowing there’s someone you’ll come home to, who would readily welcome you with open arms. It’s true, my person can up and disappear any time from my life, but just the fact they exist comforts me. With my person, I can just let go of every pretension in my body and just be in their nearness.”

“How does it feel when you’re with your person?”

“There’s this moment when you look deep into their eyes and just feel, I belong to my person and my person belongs to me. It’s not the psychotic kind of possession, just a sense of completion—of your soul finding its half through the eyes of another being. And sometimes that feeling overwhelms me to the point that it brings me to tears. It’s a combination of happiness, sorrow, appreciation, contentment, and disbelief.”

“Aren’t you afraid of losing your person?

“Yes, always. But then again, no. Distance, time, personal issues, and other circumstances could get in the way, but it’s like cementing yourself to each other that one way or another, you’ll still find yourself back to them no matter what. And it would still feel as though there wasn’t anything between you in the first place.”



  1. This post is nice but it’s confusing me a little. We are currently not in contact because of her dad. Sometimes, I get so tired of hoping because I’m inpatient but then just cannot let her go. I just want to know how is she doing. I’ve given up on my life but this little hope tells me I’ll buckle up when I have her back. I get it, I’m being juvenile. But it was a very sensitive issue overall. I hope she calls me soon.

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