Just One


Disclaimer: Yes, this piece is based from my personal experience. No, this is not some sort of literary offering to a specific person. It’s just that I really get inspired from my own personal experiences more than anything else. Another thing that inspires me are the experiences from the books I’ve read, which explains why I tried my hand at this sort of slam poetry/performance poetry piece because of my love for the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover. And no, I’m not an experienced writer, poet, or a literary performer of some sort… the idea just hit me randomly and all I did was try to put it into words after. 


It takes just one person.
One chance meeting.

A simple hello, a simple smile

That made my insides flutter,

and drew me in ever so intensely

like a longing moth in search of its burning flame.

It takes just one person.
One sweet moment.

Of lingering looks that say

I want you, I need you, I could make you happy.

The start of a special bond, you’d think

this could be it. He could be it.

It takes just one person.
One true great love.

One huge leap to a future so impossibly bright.

A kiss so passionate, an embrace so tight.

Promises built on a strong foundation,

no storm, not even the end of the world could shake it.

It takes just one person.
One act of betrayal.

The start of disillusionment,

an endless stream of undeserved tears.

A refusal to believe

in an alternate ending to a happy ever after.

It takes just one person.
One final goodbye under the stars.

An unbelievably unbearable kind of pain

that simply says I was not enough, I just never was.

A rejection that punctured my soul,

and of every single thing I’ve ever believed in.

It takes just one person.
One truest, greatest of love.

An awakening of the best kind.

To make me realize and see

that I could love and trust again

more than I ever loved and trusted you.

To remind me that you’re really nothing but

just one memory

just one lesson learned

just one experience in this lifetime.

That I could forget,

I could move on from,

I could learn from.

It takes just one person,
One beautiful love that comforts my soul

and satisfies my heart with steadfast confidence.

To remind me that at the end of it all…

all you were in this world, in my life,

was just one person.




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