Major Swoon-Fest: Prince Alex D’Lynsal [Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase]


Slight DISCLAIMER: If you must know, most of my book boyfriends look like Ben Barnes and Max Irons. I just pretty much alternate between the two, depending on who resembles the character more. Yeah I know it’s kinda weird that way but I can’t seem to imagine any other guys because I’m really in-love with the two of them so…yeah. 

Lo and behold my Prince Alex D’Lynsal a.k.a. “Prince Yummy” from Nichole Chase’s ‘Suddenly Royal’. I really adored this novel, even though it was somewhat very similar to the storyline of ‘Princess Diaries’. But what made this story far more interesting was of course the very swoon-worthy and naughty-when-you-least-expect-it prince.

Prince Yummy really gave me all the butterflies and imagining him speak in Max Iron’s delectable English accent made it even so much better. The build-up to their oh-so sweet and steamy moment was just perfect and I swear my ovaries just combusted when Prince Yummy lost his control with Sam. You really just don’t expect that kind of hot behavior from a well-groomed and responsible-looking prince.



Here are some of the most swoon-worthy moments for me, but believe me, the whole book is pretty much one big swoony tale of Prince Yummy anyway.

::: “Besides, you’ll be on all the men’s radar when you get there. Beautiful, American, intelligent, and funny. Not to mention your comic-book knowledge. I might have some competition.”

::: “Friends don’t ogle friends.”

     “I said I’d try. I didn’t promise anything. I have a feeling our friendship will have a shelf life.”

     “A shelf life?”

     “You’ll either end up hating me or in my bed. And I know which one I’d prefer.”

::: “You’re not just anything. Even ‘just Sam’ is something special.”

::: “Kiss me.”

     “Not exactly a request.”

     “It’s a demand.”

     “About damn time.”

::: “I’m not getting rid of you. You’re it for me. I knew it the moment I saw you tell off the maître d’ at the restaurant. Do you understand? You’re it. I love you. That sketch was of the moment I fell in love with you.”

     “You love me?”

     “Yes, I love you.”

     “I love you. Can you tell me again when I’m not on pain medicine?”

     “I’ll tell you every day.”

    “Maybe twice a day?”

    “A hundred times a day.”

::: “Can you behave yourself until we make it to our room?”

     “I can make it to the elevator, but no promises past that.”

    “I like it when you’re naughty, Prince Yummy.”

    “Hold on to your tiara, Duchess.”


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