Major Swoon-Fest: Aiden St. Delphi [Apollyon by J. Armentrout]


Aiden “pleasehavemybabies” St. Delphi. I don’t even know how to properly begin this major swoon-fest tribute to my number one book boyfriend of all time, because I don’t think I can ever give justice to just how perfect he has been in Jennifer Armentrout’s Covenant Series.

When I first started reading Half-Blood, I really didn’t know what to expect with this guy, especially since I was already smitten with Daemon Black in the Lux Series by the same author. Turns out, I’d actually fall so much harder for Aiden than any other book boyfriend out there. I don’t know when it happened but I did remember having intense butterflies and toe-curling spasms when he told Alex that he remembers her too. Yeah, remember that moment? Good gods.

As the books progressed, we see more and more of Aiden and how he’s truly devoted to Alex in every way that mattered. Yes, he did try to live by the rules of their world and those moments broke my heart, especially the ones in Pure, but in the end you just know that Aiden is THE ONE for Alex. No questions. No doubts. He’s just IT. I also realized just how much I’m into those responsible and straight-laced type of guys who let their guard down once in a while and Aiden is the perfect example of that. I guess with them, you just don’t know what to expect as opposed to all out cocky bad guys who are very much predictable already. And gods, did I live for Aiden letting his guard down with Alex. Those moments just sent me over the moon and left me wanting for so much more.

The downside of being a responsible guy is the limited amount of steamy scenes, but boy oh boy did he finally step his game up in Apollyon. I swear that book can be titled “Aiden’s Perfection” for all I care because he was just the perfect boyfriend—with the right mix of cockiness, naughtiness, playfulness, and display of unconditional love and devotion to Alex—yup, perfection. Of course, he still possessed all his sentinel skills and sense of leadership as well. Even after reading Elixir, I knew that Aiden was bound to help break Alex’s connection to Seth and when it finally happened, I swear I can’t help but burst into tears because it was just so amazing how strong his love is for Alex.

And it didn’t stop there. I just swooned over and over with Aiden and Alex’s sweet moments. He really took me by surprise in Apollyon primarily because of how open he was with their relationship and how he really didn’t give a daimon’s ass about their supposed forbidden relationship. He became more vulnerable and more real in this book and I just hope and pray to all the gods in Olympus that he and Alex have their much-deserved happy ever after in Sentinel.


Here are some of the moments that undid me…gods, going back to these scenes makes me swoon all over again:

Sunlight fell over us, and I reared back. Akasha covered my right hand. When I let it go, it would snuff out the life of everything in its path. There was death in that beauty. And Aiden made no move to defend his life.

His eyes fixed on mine and he reached up slowly. The tips of his fingers, calloused over from years of training and fighting, grazed my cheek tenderly. “I love you, Alex. I always will.”


Sleep claimed me first. I only knew this because I could feel Aiden’s gaze on my face, and seconds before I slipped away I felt his lips on my forehead.

I heart him whisper, “Eíste pánta mou…” You are my everything.


His eyes met mine and I couldn’t tell if he believed me, but he extended his arm. I scooted over, fitting myself against the side of his body as he locked his arms around me. He rested his cheek against my hair and I felt his breath. 

Minutes passed, and then he said, “We’re in this together, Alex. Don’t ever forget that. We’re in this together to the end.”


Aiden laughed. 

“See! That’s why I love him,” I told the group. “He laughs at the stupid crap that comes out of my mouth.”

In response, Aiden leaned over and pressed his lips against my temple. “Keep talking about loving me,” he murmured, “and we’re going to scar some of these guys for life.”

I flushed beet red.


“We should get some rest.” His hand fell back to my shoulder.

“Marcus isn’t going to be happy with you sleeping in here.”

“I know.” He leaned back against the headboard, his eyes hooded. “We’re probably going to have to cut the whole sleeping together back.”

I pouted.

Aiden chuckled. “I said sleeping together, Alex. What I have in mind doesn’t involve sleeping.”

“Oh. Warmth spread through me like I was back in the steaming shower. “Oh.”


Okay so Aiden wasn’t really the one who said this, but this just tugged at my heart so bad nevertheless. This whole moment between Deacon and Alex was one of my favorites in all of Apollyon:

“Ah, I’m okay now. I think I am, at least. But you know why I never really went there?” Deacon turned his head toward me and I knew what he meant. “I wasn’t scared of death, but I was scared of what me dying would do to him.”

Deacon nodded at the bathroom and my gazed followed his. I couldn’t see Aiden and I knew he couldn’t hear us, but my heart was pounding like I’d just run up a thousand steps.

“He wouldn’t get past losing you,” I said, swallowing hard. “He’s so strong, but…”

“It would kill him. I know. Losing you would kill him.”

A cold chill washed over me, like I’d stepped into a freezer. Sitting up swiftly, I tugged my hair over one shoulder. “Why are you telling me this?”

“You’ve had that same look ever since you came back from the Underworld.” There was a pause, and he looked at me with all the seriousness no one ever gave him credit for, and in that moment he reminded me so much of Aiden. “Whatever you do, don’t break my brother’s heart. You are his world. And if you leave it, it will destroy him.”


I swear these lines really don’t do him much justice because he was so much more swoon-worthy than these lines and quotes. You really have to devour the whole book in order to absorb Aiden’s awesomeness. Now let me excuse myself as I start the countdown for the final book in this series.



  1. I love this series, and I too LOVE Aiden- not a bad pick!

    1. I know! Aiden is really my #1 book boyfriend! So much perfection ❤

  2. Shit. I’m so in love with this boy. He’s my fucking favorite of books.
    Also LOVED so freaking muchos sentinel ugh.
    I agree with you at everything, it just seems like i wrote it hahaha.
    Have a nice day Ahdkzkf

    1. YES! Sentinel made me cry buckets of tears!!! I still am so in love with Aiden, but I’m also falling hard for Jennifer Armentrout’s new boys with her new series 😀

  3. i love aiden too but i cant choose who i love more him or adrian ivashkov!!!
    its killing me!!!

    1. My heart’s still with Aiden ❤ But I understand your dilemma! Hehe

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