Book Spotlight: Sempre by J.M. Darhower


Sempre by J.M. Darhower

I easily consider this book as one of my most favorite romance novels of all time! I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this book. This is one love story that should be considered a classic. I also wouldn’t mind if this would turn into a movie as well *ehem ehem*.


Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco had vastly different childhoods. Haven, a second-generation slave, grew up isolated in the middle of the desert, her days full of hard work and terrifying abuse. Carmine, born into a wealthy Mafia family, lived a life of privilege, never having to answer for anything he did. Both now seventeen, a twist of fate causes their worlds to collide, making them question everything they ever believed. Entangled in a web of secrets and lies, they learn that while different on the surface, they have more in common than anyone would think.


Overall Rating: 5/5 — Definite must-read! 

♡ La mia bella ragazza… 

Colpo di fulmine. The thunderbolt, as Italians call it. When love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can’t be denied. It’s beautiful and messy, cracking a chest open and spilling their soul for the world to see. It turns a person inside out, and there’s no going back from it. Once the thunderbolt hits, your life is irrevocably changed.

I’m a sucker for poetically-written epic love stories between two innocent and unknowing persons and this one’s no exception. My stomach did a complete 360-degree turn each and every time Carmine uttered sweet Italian phrases. Gahd, that boy!!!

This book is kinda long and it felt like I read a series of two or three books after I finished with this one–not that it’s a bad thing. But I do think that the story could’ve done without some extra scenes in the middle part and instead could’ve made way for an early introduction of the main “twist” and answers to quite a lot of unanswered questions and loopholes.

Probably the thing I super love about this story is the build-up of Carmine and Haven’s relationship. I seriously felt my heart skip a bit the same time Carmine or Haven felt it as well. Ahhh epic young love ♥♥♥ I also adore all the supporting characters, especially the DeMarco family. The ending kinda left me hanging a bit but I guess it would’ve been too cliché to have your generic “and-they-lived-happily-ever-after”.

Perfect read to start 2013! Makes me look forward to my own Colpo di fulmine

P.S. I think I read somewhere that there is a pending movie deal and a book sequel. CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! 


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