All You Need Is 20 Seconds And Some Cute Animals

“All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you, something good will come of it.” 

We Bought A Zoo is the first movie I watched for 2012 and I couldn’t have chosen a much better film to jumpstart this year. The movie was actually very simple, not to mention very literal (see title). But it has that certain charm that will surely touch your heart… and make you want to buy a zoo as well. I know I wanted to have my own zoo (or at least have a pet tiger).

Hah! You probably thought this post was going to be some inspirational thing or a movie review of We Bought A Zoo, right? Haha I’m not feeling that deep right now. And I guess it’s both a good and bad thing. But seriously though, We Bought A Zoo is a very lovely film and if there’s one thing I’m very frustrated about myself, it’s that I don’t think I’ve ever dared to make use of those 20 seconds of insane courage to just go and do or say something. Somehow, I always find myself holding back and waiting for my impulses to calm down before really acting on it and before I know it, the whole moment where I could’ve been insanely courageous has just passed. I know I have some short-lived moments in mind, wherein I wish I could’ve just spoken up or basically just do something or anything out of insane courage, but I chose not to. This year presents a whole new chapter and I really hope I can make use of those 20 seconds of insane courage and just speak up or do something.

SO in light of this film, I present to you some random shots of animals. Hahaha this post wasn’t really meant to be an inspirational one anyway. For some reason, I’ve seen a lot of animals (both on land and from the sea) for the past month and I just really want to share some of the photos I took of an elephant, snakes, fishes, and PENGUINS!!! I just really love penguins and how I wish Giant Pandas and Polar Bears can also live here.



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