2012: A Two-Way Street (And Some Penguins)

I know it’s pretty late for a ‘Welcome 2012’ post but I just didn’t have the heart to gather all my thoughts during the first day of the new year and I instead worked my way first before fully realizing my goals and the overall theme of 2012 for me. And it’s decided, my main themes for 2012 are: GIVE BACK and ENRICH SELF. It’s basically a two-way street of exerting my efforts to give back to every single person I can reach who needs help in any way, as well as getting involved with activities with higher and deeper purposes in order to enrich my self (and even my soul for that matter).

I just realized that I’ve been so selfish and self-centered for a very long time now and it’s just about time that I open my eyes to the bigger world around me and start directing my actions and efforts into making someone’s life better–one person at a time. So of course this whole 2012 theme still has sub-themes and specified ways into making them happen but I think I’ll just keep them to myself for now 🙂 I still have a lot of things to think about, decide on, and work for, but if there’s one thing I’m certain about, it’s that I’m really feeling very optimistic and hopeful for how this year will turn out.

I have a thing for lights, the sky, and some other random things.. so here’s a random photo-vomit of some of my favorite lights and sights. And penguins… REAL-LIFE PENGUINS!!! Wishing everyone a very happy 2012 and may all of you achieve all of your dreams and hopes for this awesome new year. Don’t be afraid to surprise yourself ★★★

And of course, the penguins….


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