First Two Weeks

I’ve been thinking if I should make a ‘2012 goals, objectives, resolutions, etc.’ post but I hesitated to put it all out to the world, so instead I’ll just randomly dump some photos from the first two weeks of 2012. I never doubted that 2012 will be nothing but better and greater than 2011 (which is already great and good in itself) and these first few days really proved it. I just hope and pray that it would extend up to the latter part of this year up until 2013, and basically up to the rest of my life.

So just to share for sharing’s sake, I joined the bandwagon of the whole ‘Project 366’ and I make it a point to have at least one significant photo for each day, which would represent the highlight of that day. I just hope that my memory won’t fail me and that I actually remember to take a photo every single day, for the whole 366 days of 2012. Another resolution of mine is to have shorter blog posts and that is why I’m just going to use photos to tell my stories instead of me randomly blabbering about things, people, events–which is what I’m doing right now. >.<

(This is the last paragraph, promise.) I just want to share that the first two weeks of 2012 have been all about establishing my main goals for 2012 and I just couldn’t be happier and thankful, especially to all the people I’ve met up with, who are sure to bring out the best in me this year. So here we go!

I didn’t say these set of photos would be ‘meaningful’, I said it’s going to be random and it is. And since this whole post is almost pointless, I think I’ll actually do a ‘2012 goals, resolutions, etc.’ post but it would be a more generalized one because I really don’t like going into the very personal details of what I want to accomplish for 2012. That and because I do believe in jinxes.

Hoping for a very happy and blessed 2012 to everyone ♥


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