Some Things That Should Matter More This Christmas

I’ve always emphasized in my posts for 2011 just how blessed I have been, especially this year. This would probably be the best year I’ve had since I don’t know when (I guess since I started “rebelling” against my parents) and instead of just absorbing all the blessing for myself, I’ve decided to start giving back little by little this year. And although I only managed to do a few little things to share my blessings to those who need it for 2011, I really promise to do more next year and even make it one of my main priorities for 2012. But in the meantime, I’m really just so blessed and honored to have friends who share the same sentiments and thanks to my good friend Arriane (aka Wanderrgirl), I am able to end 2011 on a very high note because she gave us a chance to ‘give back’ even just for one day.

My friends Arriane, Blu, Japs, Baba, and I, all went to Manila Zoo to spend a day with kids from Virlanie, as organized by I’M organization for their 1st year anniversary. To cut the story short: we toured the place with the kids, played with them a bit, had some programs, ate with them, gave our gifts, and said our goodbyes. I have to admit I had a hard time with the kid assigned to me because he was really uhm…not that easy to deal with I guess, but I still had some fun moments with him before he turned super sour and not that nice. But I think instead of looking at him as a not-so-nice kid, I just really have to adjust myself more and try to understand him, the kind of life he lives, and where he came from. And it’s also up to me to teach him a few things about respect, humility, and a sense of gratitude for the good things in his life. Well, I just hope that I really did influence him even in a small way. But all in all, it was a day spent very well and it was truly a great way to mark the end of a very blessed 2011.

Oh and the fact that I got to spend it with my friends and see the elephant made it even more memorable. ♡


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