My Life Partners-In-Crime

I probably can’t stress enough how much having my true friends by my side means to me. Since I’m not emotionally close or intimate with my family, it’s my friends who I run to for my problems and who I hold on to for much-needed support. And since I’m not really good with expressing emotional cheesy-ness, I can only say thank you to them through this post in the hope that they would really know how much I am truly grateful to have them as my friends and life partners-in-crime. I may have and have had a lot of friends and acquaintances in my life but these are the few people with whom I really can trust my life with and who were really there through the roller coaster that is my life.

I’m so happy and blessed that I had the chance to sort of bond with them during the Christmas week and I don’t think there could have been a better way to spend my Christmas week than with the best people in the world.

To all my true friends (whether you’re in the photos or not), I thank you with all my heart for always backing me up throughout the years and if I have one major thing to be thankful for this year, it’s that I had the best support team ever. ♡ Merry Christmas indeed!


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