High School Oldies

So I attended a mini gathering of my high school pep squad team and it was quite well… mellow. I don’t know what better word I could use but it was really just an intimate dinner of old friends that shared great memories even though we didn’t exactly stay as close when we got to college. See I was close to a very few people back in high school and it primarily consisted of a few best friends and this cheerleading team that I was a member of. And even though our level of skills weren’t exactly at par with the current pep squad’s level, I’m very much proud of my batch because I know we basically started it all—-all-girls power lifting and synchronized dancing, and there’s nothing more I can be proud of than a team that started it all. Booyaaah!

Here are some of our shameful high school pictures in braces and all. A testament to how time can improve one’s looks. Thank you Lord.

Still can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since my batch graduated from high school and I’m just beyond thankful that we’ve managed to still keep in touch once in a while and reconnect with each other and still manage to laugh about the shallowest and most absurd things. We didn’t exactly go wild and crazy that night, but it was a fun and memorable dinner nevertheless. I guess you can never go wrong with the right company and some good food of course.


Funny story about the last picture: Sasa’s (leftmost) mom was our photographer for the night and she made us wait for about 1-2 minutes before she took the photo ’cause she was still “positioning the camera” and our jaws basically hurt and almost locked (okay exaggeration) and I had to just tell her mom ‘time out’ ’cause my jaw was really hurting because of smiling for too long. Hahaha.

And last but not the least, I’m glad I stayed longer and waited for our coach to arrive! He’s my most favorite coach in the whole wide world (because he’s the best and he’s the only coach I’ve ever had so yes I’m biased). The thing about our coach is that I’ve grown to look up to him as a good friend, mentor, and father-figure. He was my coach back in high school and we also started out in college cheerleading at the same time and in the same university, which means I’ve always been under his guidance and care for my both my high school and college years. We’ve been through so many ups and downs, both in our professional (as coach and student) and personal relationship (as father and daughter and as friends), but we’ve managed to get past that and have a much stronger relationship even though I already graduated from college. So I’m blabbing too much but the point is that he announced to us that night that he was going to propose to his girlfriend and they’re finally engaged now and I’m just beyond the stars happy and excited for him. I even volunteered to do a ring jump just in case he needs me to at any point during the wedding or reception (and because I think that’s the only skill I can do perfectly at this time). SO I just want to give a one big Congratulations to Coach Randell and his future bride ♡

P.S. Finally got a new camera (Canon G12 yeaaaah) so I’ll surely be posting shots with much better resolution and quality than these shots.

P.P.S. Guess where I got my talent in posing wacky shots from? I’m afraid he’ll do that on his wedding day. Oh well.


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