My Christmas Wish List

Oh man, oh man, oh man, it’s finally December!!! Christmas is officially here and 2011 is almost over, although I could’ve sworn that it was just January last month. And just like everyone else, DecemBRRR is my most favorite time of the year and I was honestly too excited for Christmas this year that I finished all my Christmas shopping during the first week of November.

Since I’ve been a really good girl this year (see: previous statement about having gifts for my family and friends at such an early time plus my family and friends can really attest to this), I think I deserve to write down my personal wish list for Christmas. That, and because I really believe that if I write it down for the world to see, the universe will conspire to give me the things that I really, REALLY want. I started believing in this when I got some of the things I wanted for my birthday: check out this and that. And so, here, we, go.

1. Canon PowerShot G12

Before anyone can judge me on this, I have no aspirations to call myself a ‘photographer’. All I want and need is a good camera that can take good photos and it just so happens that I’ll be the one handling it. I could wish for a DSLR but I really don’t need it and I know I’ll end up posing as a legit photographer with that kind of camera. I really want a G12 ’cause there’s a big chance I’m gonna end up buying this for myself and if I’m going to invest my money on a gadget, I’d want it to be a really good gadget already. I’ve seen my good friend Arriane use this camera for a long time and I was really a fan of the photos that came out. And who knows, I might even finally tinker with my Photoshop because of this, or not.

Another important reason why I need this is because there’s nobody in my family who has a decent digital camera and I hate being stuck with my iPhone camera to take photos of my family, especially my beautiful nieces. I just really want to capture our moments with a really good camera so I’ll have photos really worth keeping for a long time. I also intend to take photos of everything around me wherever I go (not for ‘portfolio’ purposes, but for my own personal viewing). And no, I don’t intend to create a Lookbook account just because I can take better pictures of myself with this camera. So please dear universe, I know I’ll be the one to buy this for myself but if you could just make me save up faster so I can have this just in time for Christmas?

2. A Puppy

I don’t know if it’s because I’m single and most of the time just at home, but I really, REALLY want a puppy. The sad thing is I don’t think my mom would really trust me with a puppy since I didn’t really extend a helping hand in taking care of our pets before. I’m just looking for the perfect time and words to say that I’m finally ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a dog. And seriously, all these cute and adorable photos of puppies and dogs on tumblr really make me want to cry. I also seriously envy my friends who have cute dogs and I also want to take cute photos of my own dog and post it on tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook, for the whole world to see that I too have a freakin’ cute dog named Juju or Mimi or Poopie.

3. Red Ballet Flats

Honestly, clothes and shoes have had lesser influence on me these past few months and I don’t know if it’s because I’m saving up for a camera or because I’ve finally outgrown the the whole concept of impulse buying. Believe it or not, even when I deliberately enter Forever21 with the intention of buying something, I end up buying nothing at all. I’m just not as easily attracted and enticed with clothes and shoes as I was before. I guess it’s because I finally have a clearer idea of what my personal style is and what I really want to wear, or I’ve finally become a smart consumer or something. But in any case, I’ve always wanted red flats since forever primarily because red is my favorite color and it really puzzles me why I can’t find the perfect red flats up to this day. I just need these red flats to complete my red things such as my bag, wallet, top, underwear, cardigan, plus I think red is really my color so I’m assuming it will look good on my feet, k.

4. Fullybooked GC

This was actually part of my birthday wish list but sadly, I didn’t receive it. I mean fine, God probably knew I can easily afford books on my own but since I’m really starting to save money and I still want to buy a lot of books, even the Php300 Fully Booked GC would be perfect for me. I admit I still have some books in my room that I haven’t read yet but I guess it won’t hurt to add some more (?). I really want to read World War Z, The Graveyard Book, and some other books I saw the last time I went to Fully Booked.

5. Ticket to Anywhere

I’m constantly daydreaming that one day, I’ll suddenly receive an e-ticket going to some country or some local destination. I love traveling, who doesn’t? But since I intend to travel without going beyond my budget and means, and since I’m really keen on saving up first, I’m thinking it would take some time before I dive in head straight to randomly buying a ticket going somewhere. I’d even gladly accept those budget tours from Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy, Beeconomic, or Metrodeal. I just want to go somewhere and explore a kind of life different from mine. So my dearest universe, if you can surprise me with a ticket going somewhere, anywhere, PLEASE DO. Here’s to hoping that I get to travel to a lot of places come 2012. 

6. New Tat

Since I got my first tattoo back in January 3rd of this year (which is also the birthday of this blog), I’ve been wanting to get another one but in a more exposed area this time. However, that presents two problems: first is my parents will see it so I really have to inform them first, and second, it’s very hard to decide on which area on my body I will place it without being too tacky or tasteless. And as you can see, I’m really leaning on the picture above as my new tat. I’m still thinking if I’ll change the text to something else but nothing’s final, plus I haven’t really informed my parents yet anyway. But if someone volunteers to sponsor my next tat, I’d be glad to have it done on the first days of next year.

SOOOO that’s it…for now, at least. I’ll reserve the ‘wishes of my heart’ for another post, as well as my hopes and goals for 2012. I don’t know with other people but 2011 has really been one of the better years in my adult life, if not the best. No words can describe how happy and peaceful I’ve been this year and I just can’t be thankful enough. I’m actually preparing myself to write an emotional and very personal post and even though I hate it, I feel like I really have to voice it out one way or another before this year ends.

(Photos from tumblr)


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