The Little Things

I woke up today and went straight to my laptop, which happens to be just right beside my bed. I haven’t brushed my teeth or hair yet, haven’t taken a bath, haven’t eaten a single grain of food, and I went straight to work and never left my chair for a few more hours. Gross, I know, but it’s safe to say that I’m highly addicted to my MacBook Pro, especially because my main source of income comes from online and writing work. I’m very, very happy with my job right now, especially since I have more freedom to do other things as well. But after I finally decided to lift my butt from my chair and take a bath and fix myself, and after I took my first bite of food for today, it reminded how little things can make me beyond-the-stars happy.

And in the middle of fashion-related article writing, I decided to take a break by writing about the little things that make my day. Here are the first five on top of my head, but I’ll be sure to collect many other little things and write about how they make me truly happy:

1. The first bite of food after being hungry for so long—my eyes literally opened wide in delight as I chewed my first bite of the mango slice I saw on our dining table earlier today. I love food. I really, really, really love food. You can even ask my friends and family how much I love eating and eating a lot. The best feeling comes from when I’m craving for a certain food for so long and it’s finally in front of me and all I need to do is take the first bite. There’s just nothing more exciting for me than that moment.

My favorite Roka Salata from Cyma

2. 3 Words, 8 Letters: I Miss You—whether it’s said personally, via text message, a tweet, or even a Facebook wall post, hearing or reading these words really make my heart jump for joy. I know a lot of people normally say this a lot to other people, but it’s just not the same for me and my friends. I’m not a very expressive person and so are my friends, so whenever we blurt these words out, it really means something (it can also be used as blackmail against the one who said it btw). And truth be told, I’m really missing some friends right now.

3. Finding my size on sale—I seriously consider it a personal victory of mine when I rummage through sale items and find a very nice clothing item and, wait for it…in my size! I’m a big fan of bargain finds, especially since I earn the money I use for shopping, so it’s important for me to be very practical in spending on things like clothes and shoes. And truth be told, whenever I enter stores like Zara, Forever21, Topshop, and the like, I always go straight to their sale rack and try to find a good deal–and most of the time, I actually do. (EFFYEAAHHH)

4. Sweet and silent conversations—I love these conversations where no one is really speaking but more is actually being said just by being silent. I’m a very awkward person and I can cause a lot of awkward silences, but believe it or not, I have had and currently have special relationships with some people, wherein we already can understand what the other one is saying without having to explain ourselves or our thoughts and feelings.

5. A new book—more than having new clothes and shoes, I’m much more excited with having brand new books to read. Clothes and shoes are great to look at, but having a new book is like having a whole new adventure all squeezed in one paperback. And you know the second best thing to having a new book? It’s actually finishing the book. Just for sharing’s sake, I’m currently reading The Shack, btw. And even with my jam packed sched everyday with all the articles I have to finish, I still try and find time to read even one chapter a night before I go to sleep. Good times.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.


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