I Wore What? (Seoul version)

While I was thinking of what to write about my next Seoul-related post, I thought about ‘outfit posts’ and why I was never a fan of attempting to do it myself. It’s probably because I’ve always been awkward (and I think I’ll forever be */wrists*), and if you make me pose, it’s either I’ll do a wacky shot or I’ll just exaggerate it to the point of being over the top funny or crazy. Don’t get me wrong…I love fashion, I love clothes, I love dressing up, and I’m so happy that I’m slowly developing my own personal style (my college fashion sense is one big blur to me), but documenting it and imagining myself posing in front of a camera just make me cringe with matching grossed out face.

I looked back on our Seoul photos and I was surprised to see that I actually have a few ‘outfit shots’…must be the feeling of being in a place where no one really knows me or the moral support of my friends, but I actually have some ~decent~ shots. It’s not Lookbook.nu-worthy (I don’t intend it to be), but it’s pretty decent enough for my standards (which is like saying that my standards are kinda low hehehe). But in order to deviate from my lengthy, word-heavy, trying-to-be-inspirational-slash-philosophical posts, here are some of what I wore during our Seoul trip…

…and there’s no need to judge me ’cause I’m already judging myself when I say, “I could’ve done better.” Mianheyo kekeke^^~~~

This is me being over the top feeling Korea's Next Top Model.

Missing Korea...and my homeboy (the statue).

Over the top crazy, definitely. (Photo from Arriane)

Thank you to my dearest friend Arriane for capturing this one decent shot before I laughed my ass off.

One of my most favorite shots from our trip.

One of the most painful goodbyes ever in my life. I'll see you again, Korea.

Thank you to my supportive friends who took these shots even though it took a long time before I warmed up and stopped laughing. On another note, I swear I’m going back to Korea next year and it will be 100x more awesome than this trip. My heart aches for Korea and it doesn’t help that a lot of my friends are in Korea right now…/facepalm, I kid of course.


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  1. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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