Searching for the Coffee Prince

The first thing we did on our first day in Seoul was to find the Coffee Prince coffee shop. If there’s one thing, okay two things, that fueled our desire to go to Korea, it’s our love for Korean pop and Korean dramas–and Coffee Prince is one of our all-time favorites.

We had to buy drinks for our selves in order for the staff to allow us to take photos. And although the drinks were pricey (Green tea frappe = Php300), I’d say it’s a win-win situation for us die-hard fangirls, just to have a photo with that WALL (those who have watched the drama can easily relate to the importance of THAT WALL).

The real adventure was when we were trying to locate where it is. See, we didn’t really have a tour guide whatsoever, and I only did the itinerary and the directions based on online research. To cut the story short, it took us about an hour and at least 3 Koreans before we were able to find the 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince. It’s a good thing that the Hongdae area is home to a lot of dainty and photogenic shops that are beautiful sights in itself. And in search of a possible place to eat lunch at, we accidentally stepped into a simple restaurant owned by a very kind and welcoming ahjumma and ahjussi. We completely fell in love with them and they fell for us just the same (it showed in the unlimited and endless appetizers they kept on serving for us to eat).

Afterwards, we headed for Yeouido, which is like their business district (the tall buildings and men in suits gave it away). Now this is where we really felt just how unprepared we were with our itinerary. We gave “lost” and “wandering” a whole new meaning. We were basically in search for the KBS Building to watch the Sukira radio show, which was supposedly hosted by SHINee for that night (instead of Super Junior), and it literally took us the whole afternoon to find it. We had some funny experience in asking a group of policemen who weren’t able to clearly convey the directions for us–trust me, it was really funny in a sort of comical way. We also had an encounter with an irritable ahjumma street vendor, who can’t understand that we were looking for Yeouido Park–mainly because park translates to another word in Korean. And because we probably irritated and disturbed her a lot, she embarrassed us in front of a huge group of men in suits by shouting (in Korean) that we were lost tourists and we were looking for some place she can’t understand (that’s what I’m assuming she said). The winner moment has to be when we waited for 9pm for the radio show and dun dun dun dun….SHINee was a no show. Instead, we got some male Korean artist, and we honestly didn’t have a clue who he was (we later discovered he was Tim).

That’s it for our first day. We still had a lot of other laughable and cringeworthy experiences that day but this post would go on forever. The best part about this day was that even though it took us a long time to find our destinations, the journey and the sights along the way were truly worth all the long walks. Seoul has captivated me completely and thank goodness we got lost (a lot of times).


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