It’s been exactly one year since my legendary week-long Seoul trip with my friends Arriane, Blu, and Ayesa. It still feels like yesterday when we first set foot inside the beautiful Incheon Airport and when we got lost in trying to find our hostel. A lot of things has happened since our trip and I still have that strong nagging feeling and urge to go back and just get lost in that beautiful city all over again. I honestly can’t contain that trip’s awesome-ness in just one post so I’ll be posting the highlights of our trip and spread it across a number of posts.

I was supposed to go back this year to celebrate my 23rd birthday there but I had a major soul awakening and for the first time in my life, my mind and heart actually agreed on one decision and it felt so right. Charge it to a newfound ~maturity~ or a somewhat deeper understanding of things and people that should really matter in my life right now. So instead of putting my own happiness’ first, like what I’ve been doing for all of my life, it’s about time I put my family first and prioritize their happiness and well being–especially my parents. I won’t go into details with that since it’s something really, REALLY personal for me.

My point is…after I have done my part in helping out and settling things down, the first thing I’ll do is to book that trip again to Korea to awaken another part of my soul. Those 8 days we spent in Korea really made me feel alive and no words can describe how happy I was to be freely exploring a whole new place with some of the best friends I have. And believe me, feeling alive is really something big for me. Korea, bogoshippo, I’ll be back…PINKY PROMISE.

*Pardon my editing skills, I just used some collage-making app. Heehee

I’ll post better photos and a bit of storytelling about possibly the best adventure of my life, soon.


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