Very Merry at Twenty-Three

So this is my 23rd birthday post. As usual, all the plans I created in my mind for my birthday did not push through. I ended up having a very crappy birthday celebration. *long pause* But you know what? (What?) It’s just one day anyway (and it’s just my luck that it fell on a weekday), and I have 364 days left to celebrate another year of my life. I mean if you do the math, 364 days clearly owns that 1 day anyway.

I wasn’t able to receive the balloons and cake that I want, but having 23 years of pure blessings and learnings is a huge gift in itself. All the shoes and clothes I “wished” for are nothing but shallow desires and if there’s one thing I learned from my recent life ~epiphanies~, it’s that there are more important things in life than those material things. I’m not saying I can do without those shallow desires, but all I’m saying is that I finally see and realize all the other things and people that should really matter to my life right now. It’s like I suddenly had a sort of built-in “life-filtering device”, which I can use to filter out things and people who don’t and shouldn’t really matter to me. So instead of sulking because I didn’t get my balloons and new shoes, I just looked back and thought of all the good things and the people I have in my life and suddenly I felt so unworthy. The mere fact that I got to wake up on my 23rd birthday and have another year to celebrate my life is a huge blessing already…everything else is just a BONUS.

I’ve had an extended birthday celebration and here are some of my “bonus” gifts!

Finally got a new Macbook Pro 🙂

So this is me waiting for the sun to rise on my birthday.

Around 5am of September 8. Sun's finally up!

Don't be fooled, I may be 23 years old but I still have the antics of a 10 year old..boy.

New book!

Life session with some of the best people I know 🙂

Sambokojin goodness with the family. And food REALLY makes me happy.

My baby (part 1)

My other baby 🙂

From my eldest sister who's coming home (from the US) next week!

And ladies and gentlemen, this is just the beginning. As of today, I still have 347 days left of celebration before I turn 24, which of course means I get to have another full year of celebration 🙂


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