That Feeling

Have you ever had that feeling when you wish with all your heart to not wake up the next morning? That feeling wherein you don’t know what to do and you feel like you have no more options left? That feeling of being alone and lonely all at the same time and nobody understands you completely? That feeling when you just want the world to stop, to disappear for a moment and breathe, and wish for someone or something to save you? 

Have you ever had that feeling that there’s no more hope in the world and there’s really no other way out for you? That feeling that if ever you disappear from this world, no one would even care? That feeling when you wish to live someone else’s life instead of your own, ’cause your life pretty much sucks? That feeling wherein you feel your heart exploding any minute now because of all the pain and suffering you’ve been through? That feeling wherein you feel yourself fading away because you’ve basically given up all hope on fighting to live and choosing to be happy? 

YEAH. I don’t feel that way actually. I feel the exact opposite of these things, and I just thought it’s a good idea to let the world know. I’ve never been happier and more thankful for the life I have and I can’t be more excited for all the adventures that I’m about to experience for many years to come. I can come up with hundreds of life-related cliche quotable quotes, but I won’t to save space and time, because everything they say is true. It’s all a matter of putting things in perspective–choose to live, choose to laugh, choose to love and be happy. Life is meant to be lived, not wasted. And with the little time we all have in this beautiful and amazing world, what are you waiting for before you start living the life you’ve always wanted?


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