An Alien, London Below & A Maze

I’ve always wanted to create posts about all the books I’ve read, currently reading and planning to read, but it’s just more of sharing what I thought and felt about the story and not a complete book review. So this post is a start.

(Unnecessary warning: this post features fictional books only.) K.

I finished this book in between reading Neverwhere (see book below). I’ve always wanted to read this book ever since I watched the movie, which I was so disappointed about even though I am head over heels for Alex Pettyfer (that’s another story so..). And so I looked forward to reading the book ’cause it must have been much better than the movie and I was very right. Ha! I guess it’s still your typical teenage superhero/alien story but it had more action and well, depth, than the movie (which I was really disappointed about, I just had to say it again). Plus imagining Alex Pettyfer while reading the book helped a lot.

I Am Number Four is a very easy read but it doesn’t fall short of thrilling action-packed adventures and supernatural mysteries. I’m also a sucker for a little romance on the side, which is of course almost a requirement for teenage fiction books (but not the whole story, ehem *Twilight*).  Women badassery also keeps me interested and it came in the form of Number Six. I also find myself cry more with reading books than with real-life situations (weird, I know) and I really cried my eyes out when Henri died (the guardian). I had a hard time putting this book down and I finished it in less than a week so I was left yearning to start reading the Power of Six (sequel), which will come out later next month. Die Mogadorians die!

I love fiction, most especially fantasy and supernatural stories and I guess this puts Neil Gaiman and his books on the top of my list. There’s a certain feeling of excitement and anticipation when I start reading a Gaiman book. It’s basically a whole new world in each of his stories and there’s an abundant supply of mystery, adventure and weird characters (weird in a good way of course). I’ve already read Stardust and Fragile Things and it didn’t disappoint, although I have to admit there were times (in Fragile Things) when I really got lost but it felt surprisingly great.

Neverwhere is described as a darker and more mysterious Alice in Wonderland, and since I consider Alice in Wonderland as the story of my life, Neverwhere did not disappoint at all. It was a story of a normal lad from London Above (normal London) who suddenly found himself in London Below, which was a whole new world filled with unworldly creatures, eccentric people, rats, and even an angel. Richard Mayhew (lead character) yearns to go back to his life in London Above and the only way is if he stuck it out till the very end of their adventure. And again for a moment in the starting to middle chapters, I got lost, but I guess the trick was to continue forth with the adventure (yes just like Richard) and hope to find some light. Well there wasn’t any light but I guess that was the point of the whole adventure and it’s a fulfilling realization once you get closer to the end. It’s one of those stories when I really had no idea what was gonna happen in the end or who was the real bad guy. And of course with every great adventure, you’re gonna need the right people by your side and I really loved the relationship between the main characters–Richard, Door, Marquis de Carabas and even Hunter. I’m secretly wishing they’d turn this into a movie but then again, thanks. Major spoiler: Richard was able to go back to his ~normal~ life in London Above but eventually returned to London Below. And if I was in his position, I’d do the same.

Which brings me to the last book featured in this post: the Maze Runner by James Dashner. I have to admit that this was an impulse buy since the bookstore was on sale and instead of choosing Twilight-related stories, I chose this. Just by reading the title and the summary at the back, I think this book could be another version of the Hunger Games. Young boy, doesn’t remember his life, suddenly found himself in a huge maze along with other young boys with the hope that they’ll be able to survive once they figure out how to solve the maze–or at least that’s what they think will happen. (Dun dun dun dun….)

I haven’t gotten around to read the whole thing yet, I sort of got stuck in the first parts. I don’t know if it’s just the first chapter syndrome where it’s extremely boring and nonsense, but I promise to finish this book before moving on to my stock of newly-bought and unread books (sort of an addiction). I’m really counting on it to be an awesome story so I’ll be pushed to buy its sequel, the Scorch Trials. So I guess I’ll have to create a new post on this book once I have a change of heart.

*To fiction and beyond!*


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