8 Wishes for the Big Twenty-Three

I’ll be 23 in about 2 weeks and I don’t know how or what to feel. I think I’ll just make another post on that after I turn 23, and maybe then I know how it feels. But for now, I’ll do the obligatory post on what I want for my birthday. And since my birthday is on the 8th of September, here are 8 things I ~wish~ to receive. Shout out to all my loved ones.

1. MacBook Pro (13 inches) — I don’t just want this, I actually NEED it. And no, I can never settle for any other laptop (sorry Windows) ’cause once I went Mac, I never looked back. My old MacBook died already (rest in peace) and I’ve been parasiting off my brother’s 8-inch laptop for work and I just can’t go on. Right now, all the money I’m saving will be going here ’cause I think I’ll be the one to give this to myself. I’m still hoping for the very best for my parents to throw a little ~financial~ support though.

2. My Life’s Mixtape in a CD — I’d be satisfied with a casette tape if we were still in 1998 but we’re not, so I’ll just go for a CD so I can play it in my car while I drive. Compared to the MacBook, this is a very cheap (almost free) gift to give. I only want my friend (or whoever will give this to me) to give me songs that would be appropriate for my life ala 500 Days of Summer soundtrack (NO pop songs, please). I want songs that would make me feel infinite, make my mind and spirit just fly away, then bring me back to Earth. Not clear enough? Yup, that’s the point of it. You can also use Perks of Being a Wallflower as reference for the songs.

3. FullyBooked Gift Certificates — I’d wish for a book but as of this moment, I still have at least 5 books that I haven’t read or haven’t finished reading yet, so I imposed a sort of book-buying ban on myself. FullyBooked is one of my happiest places ever and I would be over the moon if someone would give me gift certificates to buy a book or books that I want. It’s like a free ticket to heaven! I’m serious, really. Please?

4. Balloons and Cake — I can actually live with just the balloons and I’ll be the happiest kid on earth. But then again I love eating cake (and blow birthday candles) so it would be nice if a cake just happened to come along with the super colorful balloons.

5. Christopher Kane Galaxy Dress/Top & Jeffrey Campbell Foxy in Black Suede — A girl can dream, and I am a girl, therefore I can dream for expensive clothes and shoes. I’m not the type to crave for high-end clothes and shoes, but a girl can dream on her birthday so this is me sort of dreaming big. Btw, I also accept cheaper versions a.k.a. imitations (but of course,  quality can’t be compromised).

6. Trip to Sagada (or somewhere high) — I actually just want to go to a place close to the stars (not celebrities, but actual stars in the sky). I’ve always dreamed of having a trip to Sagada with my closest friends and just experience the culture, star-gaze, feel the cold air, and just enjoy the silence and the peace. Pure nature-tripping. Hmm… maybe this year.

7. Love, Understanding, Happiness, Strength, Clarity and Peace. — Probably my most selfish wish but I just pray for more and more and more and more of these things. Aren’t these the what we all wish for in life anyway?

8. Good health for my family, especially my dad. — If I am to choose just one wish to come true out of all the rest on this list, I’d choose this. With all my heart, I can wish for nothing more than for God to give this to me and my family.

Always and forever thankful for the life I have. Looking forward to more years of adventure.


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