Fiction Matters

“Fiction writing doesn’t overwhelm, but envelopes. Fiction offers us a reflective moment in a fast-paced world to empathize with others as well as learn about ourselves. Fiction just may be the original social network, one that connects us beyond time and between generations.” —Heidi W. Durrow

As a big fan of make-believe, I let myself be absorbed into the world of whatever I am reading and make it my own. It’s like another world filled with the most amazing adventures you’ll never ever forget in your life. I’ll never get tired of reading fiction—it matters to my life right now and it will forever hold its relevance in the way I live my life and how I view life and reality. I truly believe each and every person in this world should take the time to read and get lost in another world in order to know what it’s like to be inspired, wish, dream and hope for some thing wonderful in their lives. Adventure after adventure and more adventures forever.



  1. Too right 🙂 Loved your quote – must go and find out more about Heidi Durrow – and couldn’t agree more with your feelings about getting lost in a book. Great stuff.

    1. I’m happy someone can relate to how I feel when I read fiction stories 🙂 I got the quote from this article by Heidi Durrow btw: 🙂

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