Beating the Heat

Slight delay but I’m still pretty satisfied at the fact that we’re doing what we can in moving forward with this finally 🙂 I’d rather make sure that everything is in order slowly but surely rather than speed it up and enter the battlefield without the right weapons on-hand. And helping my partner and I sure that we’re doing this right, we have the best team helping us out and I can’t be more thankful! We can never, even in our dreams, produce these shots on our own. I’ll soon give proper credit where credit is due once everything is ironed out and ready to launch 🙂 But for now, special thanks to Pat Lim our awesome and easy-to-work-with photographer for these test shots and Marquis Misa our very game (kahit humiga sa lupa & kita bra) model. Take note that we did this shoot during the afternoon sun and we almost got toasted but everyone still kept on functioning well while having fun and kept on helping (and cheering) each other for this. YAY!


One comment

  1. Good job! I’m excited!

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