Why I Don’t Belong to the Corporate World

I’ve encountered an article giving me 10 Reasons to Start a Business This Year (read here). I find this very fitting since I’ve been meaning to  start something this year on my own (maybe with a partner… and a little help from my parents of course) after I have concluded that I really don’t belong in the corporate world, well, at least for now. But before I can open a new chapter in my career, I must first put an end to the previous one hence my 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Belong to the Corporate World.

One might think I’m being too negative about this, well yes AND no and I do have my well-justified reasons. For now, I’m just focusing on what lies beyond where I am seated right now which is on my office chair. And fyi, this is not a mere I-don’t-like-my-job-anymore-’cause-I’m-so-choosy-like-that. NO. It’s really more of, I-finally-realized-what-I-want-to-do-and-I-can’t-do-it-while-being-stuck-in-the-4walls-of-my-office. Possibilities. Opportunities. Chances. They’re all out there and I’ve been missing out on all of these since I graduated from college.

It’s just that I don’t want to waste my time and youth anymore with one dead-end cause. I’d rather get lost with all the possibilities out there and the only way I can do it if is I have a hold of my time–which ultimately brings me to why I really don’t belong where I am right now. Ready, set, go.

1. I can’t sit still and my mind keeps on flying. Blame it on ADHD, which everyone nowadays claim they have. Or blame it to the fact that I’m more of a dreamer rather than a logical person ever since I can remember. So I can’t help it when my mind takes off to I-don’t-know-where and wants to do I-don’t-know-what whilst I’m sitting on my chair facing my computer surrounded with all types of work-related documents and to-d0’s. I just want to fly and dive and dance even during meetings, and it’s just torture.

2. Blame it on me…always. I don’t have a managerial position, meaning I don’t have much power over my department so what I do is merely execute what is asked of me most of the time. The flow goes like this: boss says to do this and that >> I follow and act on it. And when the higher boss complains “Why did you do this and that?!”, etc. Let’s just say it’s not like I can blame my immediate superior, that’s just wrong. So I become this sort of human shield who’ll take in all the unnecessary and uncalled for sermons, rants, and all the other things you can imagine related to those.

3. It’s a sin to rest. I’m like a doctor, always on call… even during my rest days and when I’m sick. Is it too much to ask to not think about work during my rest days? It’s my God-given right to rest. And I don’t know why they expect me to have my files with me while I’m watching a movie with my friends or while I’m in a family reunion. If that’s not enough, they demand for those things to be sent to them at once, when there were clearly no instructions prior to my rest that I have to prepare for anything at all.

4. What social life? It’s as simple as this: they have almost-full control over my time. I’m very much a home-body and I seldom go out with friends and even I feel the need to socialize once in a while. I keep on promising and promising my friends that I’ll someday meet up with them and just does not happen. It’s either I’m too tired and I value my rest days so much or I’m working even on my rest days.

5. Family does not come first. I haven’t sold my soul to my company so why do they think that they own me? Or that I have to give them my whole life? What’s more heartbreaking than me not being able to spend time with my friends, is me not being able to spend time or even see my family and yet we live in under the same roof. My daily routine would be leaving the house early and they’re still sleeping or they left as well for work and school then I go home late and they’re sleeping already. Sad.

6. I need to move it move it. It just follows that if I have no time for my family and friends, I absolutely have negative time to spend for exercise or any form of physical activity. And this is just injustice for someone who has trained for a varsity team everyday for 8 years. It kills me to feel my muscles slowly dying and to see my stomach quickly bloating. I’m just used to moving around and working out till I become so exhausted and happy— but now I can’t even give 30 mins of my time every week to jog.

7. I’m ~not~ a Slave 4 U. One thing that (I think) is common with established companies is that it gets too systematized to the point that they drown their employees with never-ending policies and rules for every little thing and it just feels like they’re imprisoning you rather than organizing the way you work. It’s okay to have policies, it is in fact necessary– until it becomes dehumanizing already. What I mean is that it just reaches a point wherein you can’t even move a muscle without them knowing and without them giving you a memo for not following a certain I-don’t-know-what policy. And again, rules are rules.

8. Living in fear. –this is probably what I truly dislike the most in a very rigid and unhealthy working environment. It’s just NOT right to use fear as a means to ‘motivate’ your employees. Since when did kindness become such a hard thing to do? And I do believe in karma, bad or good. Really, it doesn’t hurt to be kind.

9. Something beyond. This is what primarily drives me to close this chapter of my life. The thought of possibilities beyond just makes me want to take the plunge right away. It excites me and at the same time makes me kind of sad ’cause it’s when I realize that my dreams are overtaking my reality and that shouldn’t be, so I am deciding once and for all to catch up with my dreams.

10. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it’s both of us, but just like with normal relationships, you have to really see yourself with that person ~forever~ for that relationship to still continue on. And I just can’t see myself doing what I do in the long run. But there’ll be no regrets, just learnings– and I am still beyond thankful for the opportunity to work in this field and meet all the wonderful people I met along the way.

HAH so there. I can probably give another 10 or so but that would just waste my time more. 🙂 I’ve never had any regrets in my life including this; I consider this as a blessing and I’ll forever be grateful.

It’s a big and beautiful world out there and you owe it to yourself to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, so go ahead and jump 😉



  1. Hi
    I really feel the Same boat as you. How are things working out now??

    1. Hi there 🙂 I actually quit my job and I’ve never looked back since then. I’m feeling and doing so much better now. I hope you’ll find the answer to your situation as well 🙂

  2. haha! same here! Like you, I have always been restless, inquisitive, etc. I HATE being chained to my desk all day long, so I quit my job. It\’s impossible for me to be happy in a corporate world since I despise sedentary jobs.

    (Matthew 6:21\” For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.\”)

    God bless !:)

  3. Oh wow, just about everything you said about why you hated your job and why you wanted to quit, fits me to a T! I have exactly the same situation in my work environment. And I think it’s because when you’re too nice and too much of an accommodating, willing person, unscrupulous people in the corporate world totally take advantage of that. They use fear to control.

    I totally hate my job and am about to leave it as well – to go to another job, but its going to be a temporary job until I start my business (actually starting my business now, but it will take a while before it starts making me the money I need to pay my bills)..

    Hope you’re doing well whatever it is you’re doing!

    1. “And I think it’s because when you’re too nice and too much of an accommodating, willing person, unscrupulous people in the corporate world totally take advantage of that. They use fear to control.”

      Exactly!!! It’s almost 2 years since I quit my job and I still get the chills just remembering how unhealthy my working environment was before. I’m happily doing freelance work now. Nothing better than being in control of your time and being your own boss 🙂 Hoping things would work out well for you also!

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