Like A Sleepyhead

UNOFFICIAL Sleepyhead logo (but yes, that's our maxi skirt :D)

Just a preview of what I’ve been exerting more effort to than my own job–heh heh heh! I think my partner (in this thingamajig) and I each deserve a big pat on our backs to reward us for a productive month since we first sat down and discussed our plans and ideas 🙂 I’d say so far, so great! Even though we have still a loooong long long long long way to go, I’d say we’ve come far enough from our initial brainstorming and random unwritten exchange of ideas. It’s really hard to balance our full-time job and at the same time develop our baby business but it’s a major blessing that we do share the same vision (and mission) and we know in which direction we both want to go.

So to present a teaser—actually more of our first try at having a shoot so this won’t really classify as our “official” shots (sorry just had to explain)—here are some of the very few samples that we have from our first ‘collection’!


Thanks to Marquis for waking up early and humoring us with her “modeling” talents. Teeeheeee!

And you said
It was like fire around the brim
Burning solid
Burning thin the burning rim
Like stars burning holes right through the dark
Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes
You were one inch from the edge of this bed
I drag you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead


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