Ad Astra Per Aspera

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I get when I look up at the sky at night and see so many stars scattered across. Each and every time to see the stars, I get that strong urge to just get close to them as much as possible.

To the stars, through difficulties.

Darkness can make a person feel more alone than ever, and how amazing is it that the stars are scattered across the great sky to provide some sort of comfort and company for each and every person on this planet? I think that’s what it does for me. I am actually happy just being with myself—I may look like I’m all alone but I just don’t feel that way. And at night, when I get the chance to look at the stars, I feel comforted, reassured, relaxed.

There’s something so empowering when you are fully OKAY and happy just being by yourself. What’s even more fulfilling is knowing that you are able to bring yourself back up from anything that kept you or brought you down. I do have lots of friends and encounter different people everyday, but at the end of it all, I crave that quiet and peaceful moment when I can be just by myself—to think, to remember, to just breathe. Which brings me to ~most probably~ the mantra of my life right now—AD ASTRA PER ASPERA—To the stars, through difficulties. The mere thought of it makes me want to reach out high above to the stars and grab hold of it. It motivates me to the core to just get up above all that brings me down and just take charge of my life the way it should be—my own. And no matter how we feel so overpowered by trials and difficulties, I know within myself that I am still much more powerful and beyond it.

I really do believe every person should allot their own me-time to just withdraw from the world and just be. This world can be a really huge ocean in which we all drown in each other’s business and once in a while, it’s really just right to save yourself from all of it. And just like the stars from which I draw strength from, I know I can shine just as bright as they do even in the darkest of nights 🙂

This is also probably one reason why I crave for the adventure of going up mountains instead of lazily sun bathing by the beach. Sagada, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Pulag… I shall conquer you soon!

P.S. This is also going to be my 2nd tat for sure. Can’t wait!

(Photo from Tumblr)




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