I Am Hope

Helping kids fight cancer, one battle at a time–my friends and I joined Kythe’s Amazing Race last January 15 and it was nothing short of fun and amazing (indeed!).

With my ever-so-reliable teammates Arriane & Blu 🙂

It’s basically a win-win situation for us since…

1. My friends and I are all very competitive, most especially if the activity requires physical action (especially me);

2. While doing what we love best (which is the physical thing), we are helping kids with cancer in their battle against the disease.

What better way to kill time than to do what you love and help others at the same time? Truly, these are the moments when I know I’ve made such good use of my time and I feel so fulfilled ’cause I know I’ve done something rather than nothing at all. These kids didn’t choose to be stricken with cancer and yet they are forced to wake up and fight it out every single day in order to survive. Other than their parents, they need more people to assist and help them out in their everyday struggle and a good place to start is to put a smile on their faces and make them forget their reality even for a while.

I CANCERvive baller bands from Jasmine 🙂

Thanks to the invitation of my former-officemate-turned-friend Jasmine, we formed a team for his son Mio and were given a chance to help out even in a very little way. Mio is a very bright 6-year old kid with Leukemia and Jasmine is a devoted single mother who really does everything within her power to provide all the needs of her son, especially for his chemotherapy sessions.  To know more about them and if you want to help them out, visit miofightscancer. 🙂

The race itself had about 8 stops and had 2-3 tasks per stop. There were also several sub-tasks along the way as well. Probably the most memorable stop was the very first we went to which was the rappelling, ziplining and wall climbing in which I happily volunteered myself for and unhappily suffered the consequences afterwards (read: extreme body pain). There was also a stop in which we had to study and memorize a dance in a video and of course, we nailed it. 🙂 We ran and sprinted our way through all the stops and although we failed at some parts, I know we still did our best given the time constraint. It’s just too bad we didn’t win, but all is still great and fulfilling in the end 🙂

Here are some photo farts of the whole event:

The Amazing Race Map of Glory

Blu & I 'climbing' a tree for one sub-task.

With Arriane & Blu and the orchids. Also part of a sub-task.

Battle Mode: ON!

With Arriane, Pat & Blu after the race 🙂

And our ‘photoshoot’ wouldn’t be complete without our obligatory jump shots and other poses I can’t even explain…

L-O-V-E 🙂

I can’t be more thankful for friends who share the same interest as I have and who are very much game in participating in this kind of activity with me. For sure this won’t be the last of it. 🙂


Here’s to making the world a happier place for children to live in, one smile at a time. 🙂

(Photos from Patricia Lim and Arriane Serafico).


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