Happy New Ink!

Started the year right by crossing off one item from my life goals!

I finally got a tattoo after more than a year of deliberating with myself regarding when, where, and what to get. It took me one spontaneous Monday with a little encouragement from my sister to finally do it.

'Blessed' is what I have been all my life 😉

I originally had about three choices in mind of what to put but then as I was on my way to the tat place, the word ‘blessed’ suddenly popped in my mind and it felt so appropriate and perfect. This summed up what my 22 years and 3 months of living in this world has been about– one big blessing.

I have been blessed ever since the day I was born and was adopted by a family who gave me a great life up until all the problems, trials, heartaches and heartbreaks that I went through which I am most fortunate to have survived and learned a lot from. And I couldn’t have been a better version of myself if not for my family and friends who stood and stuck by my side and had my back through whatever craziness I put them through. And it was one reaaaalllly crazy ride. As in.

Closer version of my tattoo 😉

This is why there came a point where I realized I have no right to complain for living the life I have no matter how much hardships I encounter everyday because I am always blessed beyond what I deserve and I should be forever thankful and appreciative.

Special shoutout: I have to thank my older sister for spontaneously pushing me to finally get a tattoo. So mom, if you’re reading this and you caught me already, I blame her. Hahaha!

I couldn’t have chosen a better time in my life to get a tat. Here’s to starting a new chapter in my life! Be kind, smile, and be thankful. 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  1. Oh wow! You have a blog na! Yaaay! I like your new tat! Good job! You are indeed blessed my friend.

    1. YAAAY! ‘Best Babble’. Mwahahaaha. Btw, how do I subscribe to your blog? Super nakakabobo ng slight yung wordpress. Mahaha

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